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The Peabody Municipal Federal Credit Union is a nonprofit organization independent of the City of Peabody. It is owned and operated by its members to encourage savings and to provide funds for member needs at competitive rates.

Any permanent full or part-time employee of the City of Peabody is eligible for membership. Once a member, any of your immediate family members can join: spouse, children, parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents and grandchildren.

If you leave City employment, you and your family members can remain as LIFE TIME MEMBERS!


Peabody Municipal Federal Credit Union is dedicated to providing competitive financial products and superior service to our members through sound business practices. The Credit Union movement is committed to superior service to our membership.


To be a member of the credit union, you must complete a membership application card and deposit $25.00, to remain on deposit as a minimum, into a regular share savings account.

You are then eligible for all the benefits of membership in the credit union.

As an added incentive you may wish to start a payroll deduction plan to build this account automatically. If you are not employed by the City, we can help you arrange for payroll savings deductions from your place of employment using Automated Clearing House (A.C.H) deposits.


Who is eligible to become a member?
Regular employees of the City of Peabody and their immediate family members.


John B. Lawless

Vice President
Frederic C Gardner, Jr.

Secretary of the Board
Lawrence J. Lane

William M. Mahoney, Jr.

Members of the Board
Pauline R. Hudson
Joan E. Johnson
Kevin R. Donovan
Edward D. Quinn
Timothy E. Spanos

Supervisory Committee
Michael J. Gingras, Chairperson

Colleen A. Kolodziej
Natalie A. Maga

Credit Union Manager
Kevin R. Donovan

Assistant Manager
Jo-Ann Cronin

Office Staff
Beatriz A. Brasileiro

Jodie M. Anderson
Mary Beth Mallia