The role of the Board of Directors is to provide effective governance and stewardship, leaving management to run the day-to-day operations of the credit union.

Directors provide direction on the affairs of the credit union to achieve the aims and purpose of the credit union on behalf of the entire Membership.

They do this by establishing the overall aims and objectives of the credit union, analyzing the progress, establishing policy guidelines, planning for long-term development and much more.

John B. Lawless
Vice President
Frederic C Gardner, Jr.
Secretary of the Board
Linda Cavallon
James W. Freeman
Members of the Board
Marie E. Bishop
Joan E. Johnson
Joseph A. Mendonca
Edward D. Quinn, Jr.
Timothy E. Spanos
Supervisory Committee
Michael J. Gingras, Chairperson
Colleen A. Kolodziej
Natalie A. Maga
Credit Union Manager
Kevin R. Donovan
Assistant Manager
Jo-Ann Cronin
Office Staff
Beatriz A. Brasileiro
Mary Beth Mallia
Ann Marie Stevens